About Kutter’s Cheese

Kutter’s Cheese Factory Store is a traditional cheese factory outlet store located in Corfu, NY, approximately 40 miles due east of Buffalo NY. The factory began in 1923 with the arrival of German immigrant Leo Kutter and moved to Corfu in 1947. Since then under the leadership of his two sons Anthony and Richard, three generations of the Kutter family has continued this cheese making tradition

Kutter’s Cheese Factory in 1924

Kutter’s Cheese Factory Store
857 Main Road, Corfu, NY 14036
Toll Free: 888-700-5275
Phone: 585-599-3693  



Mon – Fri 10:00 – 5:00   Sat. CLOSED
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Kutter’s Cheese located today in Corfu, NY



Kutter’s has survived, and thrived, because we have delivered the highest quality cheese and cheese products to niche markets. This includes:

  • Our core products of cheddar, muenster, colby, edam, gouda, havarti and process cheeses have been our mainstay for over 75 years.
  • We also provide a selection of curds, dips, and cottage cheeses that are sold in our retail store.
  • Since 1997 we entered a partnership with Hunt Country Vineyards as one of the first satellite wineries in New York. Through this partnership we can offer a large selection of wines and conduct wine tastings.
  • In 1998, the factory business was sold and the factory leased by the Kutters to Yancey’s Fancy, Inc. Yancey’s proceeded to grow the business started by the Kutter’s and expand into many new varieties.
  • With Yancey’s busy building the Factory business, Anthony and Richard turned their attention to building the factories outlet store. The close working relationship between Yancey’s Fancy and the Kutters allowed both businesses to grow and thrive. Even though he retired from the day to day business of the factory, Anthony’s fascination with cheese making lead to the creation of even more varieties of cheese and dairy products that are exclusive to the factory store today.

In 2009, with Tony in his late 70’s and Richard at 80 years of age, they sold Kutter’s Cheese Factory store to Brian and Heather Bailey. Brian had bought into the cheese Factory with Richard and Tony in 1995. Along with John Yancey and Mike Wimble they purchased the factory business to start Yancey’s Fancy, Inc Thus, the wonderful, time-honored tradition started over 50 years ago carries on.

We invite you to share our passion for cheese.

With Warm Regards,

Brian & Heather Bailey